It's all about your customer.Communicate in their way.

You will often find us asking questions that are focused purely on your customer and not on you. That is because the number one mistake businesses make in their marketing, is always talking about themselves. For us, it's all about YOUR CUSTOMER.

  • What does your customer want?
  • How have their needs changed?
  • How have their expectations changed?
  • What are the demographics of your customer base?
  • What do they love about your product and service?
  • What don't they like?
  • What prevents them from buying?
  • What is the most recent example you have of a delighted customer?
  • How do you exceed customer expectations?
  • How do your customers want to be communicated with?
  • What do your customers think of you in comparison to their other choices?
  • How did your customers find you?
  • How many of your customers keep coming back? Why?
  • How many customers did not come back? Why not?
  • Has your customers purchased a similar product or service online?
  • What was their experience? What do your customers read?
  • Which websites would they visit?
  • What sources of information would your customer deem credible?

Pragmatists.Keep it simple.

Design is not about gorgeous lines and sensational dots! We are not here to win awards - we are here to make your business more successful. This requires clear communication to your customers in a way they 'get it' and lets face it, sometimes the gorgeous lines and trying-to-be-clever tag lines are so high-falutin' that NO-ONE 'gets it'. If the solution is not workable, if its not practical, if it doesn't help you sell more - bin it.

Need some help with planning your marketing? It's really easy to get overwhelmed with what other businesses are doing. The first step in any marketing plan is identifying your business strategy. We can help.